Sonntag: Tatort

jeden So.: Tatort Tresen ab 19:30

Tatort Tresen

Bullen bei der Arbeit: Polizeiübergriffe, unrechtmäßige Hausdurchsuchungen, Nötigungen von ZeugInnen usw. in Form des jeweils aktuellen “Tatort” oder Polizeiruf, dazu gibt es Schnittchen (gegen Spende).

Eine Erwähnung im TSP:

Und doch hat die Verbürgerlichung auch die 10a erreicht. Jeden Sonntag schauen sie im Bandito Rosso den „Tatort“. Wenn auch unter sehr eigenwilligen Gesichtpunkten. Man wolle, so heißt es, „Bullen bei der Arbeit“ beobachten: „Polizeiübergriffe, unrechtmäßige Hausdurchsuchungen, Nötigungen von ZeugInnen“. Dazu gibt es Schnittchen (gegen Spende).

Ein Bericht über unseren Tatort-Abend im Blog von Steffi Jüngling

2005-07-18: finally

As a person who does not own a TV I always get nervous on sunday evenings. This is the time when the first channel of the German TV has ‘crime-time’. These sunday criminal stories have accompanied all of my childhood and unbelievably the title music of the series has not changed since. ‘Tatort’-scene of the crime is the title of the series and there are some teams of investigators in every German city, so one sunday you will see the Hamburg homicide-team and the next day the Police in Munich. Every team has its own charme and humor. It gives a a good image of average Germans, physically and emotionally. In my life without much rythmn, these program marks my week. But as I do not own a TV and there is none in my flatshare I usually call my friends in Berlin on sunday mornign…’hello, what are you doing tonight?’ But yesterday my flatmate gave me the solution for my problem. I had been looking for a pub to see ‘Tatort’ in the internet, but hadn’t found it. By chance we were talking about ‘Tatort’ and THERE IS A PUB CLOSE BY, where ‘Tatort’ is shown every sunday. We went there and surprisingly it is a kind of left-wing-youth-pub. My flatmate and I seemed like the older(much older) sisters of the young revolutionairies, but the drinks were cheap and the athmosphere was familiar. For all of you who don’t have a TV -this is the place to go on sunday evenings to see ‘Tatort’: Bandito Rosso