Sa.: Antifa-Tresen

Antifa Tresen im Bandito Rosso

3. Sa.: Co-K

What is this?

We open this space to create what we belive is important for us as political movements: a common space tor socializing, collective thinking, exchanging experiences, problems, doubts, successes or new crazy ideas. Not only among us but with others.

So one of the ideas is to organize a meeting for an interested group wihich can talk and cook together and then later opens the kufa to everyone who wants to join.

This is the purpose of this KuFa in Bandito Rosso on a regular basis. Let’s create common time. Anything can happen. Be welcome.

[If you are interested to know more about these eating-meetings or you want to suggest one for your group, ex-group, new group, ideas, issues or any other proposal, let us know, we are around]

Co-K [temporary name, as everything else]